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Whalen Furniture

Whalen Furniture brings quality design and decades of experience in furniture manufacturing to create products that appeal to end consumers.

LevelUp Gear

LevelUp offers fun and affordable gaming desks that are perfect for that long gaming session. The designs are ideal for PC gamers, as well as people who just crave a little more creativity from their office furniture.

Bayside Furnishings

Bayside Furnishings provides quality crafted furniture available exclusively at Costco. Discover the most desired designs available while supplies last.

Whalen Furniture works closely with many different brands to help bring your vision to life. In addition to private label brands that we work with, we also develop our own brands that allow us to showcase our abilities.


Whalen furniture focuses on four important cornerstones of design while keeping what is best suited for the consumer in mind. They focus on form, function fit and style. Form shows how their designs easily adapt to today’s different ideas of home and work environments. Function is how the design works in your lifestyle. They also focus on the fit. The fit is how furniture makes a space function more efficiently while still looking good. Finally, Whalen makes sure to have different styles to fit your space whether it be classical or contemporary. Whalen Furniture makes sure to not cut corners and makes sure every piece of furniture is crafted from the finest materials. Along with using functional components found in the best furniture Whalen uses premier construction techniques for a lifetime of beauty and service.


LevelUp is dedicated to providing furniture for gamers of all levels. Their mission is to enhance your gaming experience by crafting innovative gaming furniture and storage solutions. They offer a wide range of gaming furniture from ergonomic chairs all the way to gaming accessories. All these products are designed with you in mind and to enhance your comfort and performance. They also offer smart storage solutions. All their storage options are specifically tailored to the needs of gamers. Easily keep your gaming equipment and accessories organized and accessible. LevelUp prioritizes ergonomic design while providing furniture. This helps promote better posture and reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions to provide optimal comfort.

Bayside Furnishings

Bayside Furnishings is focused on bringing you quality furniture that works in your lifestyle. They have been crafting furniture since 1991 with you in mind. They focus on making sure the different furniture pieces easily adapt into today’s home and work environments while maintaining optimal function. Their innovative furniture concepts make the most effective use of your space while still looking immaculate. Bayside Furnishings focuses on the value of each piece. Their furniture is crafted from the finest materials while incorporating features such as European hinges and metal ball bearing drawer guides to bring you the best value. They also pay close attention to construction techniques for long lasting beautiful furniture.

Whalen Furniture also works with quite a few private retailers to bring goods to the consumer. Some of these brands include Better Home & Garden, Scott Living, Wayfair and Glacier Bay. Check out all they have to offer to make those dreams come true.