Whalen seeks to inspire its customers by offering guides that detail creative solutions to virtually every topic relative to furniture that can be discussed. Everything from choosing the right desk, vanity, closet organizer, or individual furniture for your home to aftercare for your purchased products and everything in between. Inspiration is everywhere when it comes to furniture and Whalen is here to help you make the most of your space.

Decorating & Design

In the decorating and design section we discuss inspiration relating to creating a certain atmosphere with the furniture in our spaces. Touching on everything from storage options, vanity colors, picking out the perfect bed for your child, the essential vanity style guide, and maximizing your home’s style and function. If it is offering an inspired look at decorating and design of a space it can be found here.

Buying Guides

Everything you ever wanted to know about purchasing the best products for your space can be found in our buying guides. Our buying guides cover a wide range of topics such as specific collection pieces, types of desks, vanity storage solutions, choosing the best office furniture, custom closet solutions, and the ever important how to choose the best color story for your space. If it has to do with finding the most suitable furniture pieces to complete your space it can be found here.

Life Hacks & Tips

Our life hacks & tips and tricks section covers everything from effective cleaning of a child’s room, preparing for vanity installation, setting up a perfect gamer desk and space, closet organizer installation guide, versatility of closet kits, transforming a space with a garage organizer system, and creating a stylish workstation at home. A wide range of tidbits can be found in this section. If it has to do with installing necessary furniture pieces, creating the space you dream of, or making use of storage solutions it can be found here.

Furniture Care & Maintenance

Furniture Care & Maintenance is a crucial step in maintaining the life of our products. Whalen has provided a comprehensive list of guides that detail effective methods that will work for varying material types. These care and maintenance guides will assist you in caring for and maintaining furniture for years to come. Whether it’s vanity countertop care and maintenance, cleaning tips for keeping your furniture in tip top shape, tips & tricks for cleaning your children’s bedroom, or advice on how to clean and maintain your couch. If it has to do with care and maintenance of our furniture it can be found here.

Vanity Countertop Care and Maintenance

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Vanities are essential and stylish furniture pieces that accompany the design of our bathroom spaces– often they’re even the centerpiece of


Whalen Furniture is devoted to community outreach and lending a helping hand in diverse ways. From the Ken Whalen’s Surf Challenge to Seng Girls Vocational School and Home to enacting use of Sustainable packaging for shipping of our products moving forward. Whalen Furniture is deeply committed to community outreach. Learn more about our diverse community outreach efforts here.

Outreach: Ken Whalen Surf Challenge

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn The Ken Whalen Surf Challenge – in partnership with the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation – takes to the waves annually, bringing kids