Unique Vanity Colors for a Uniquely Stylish Bathroom

For many of us, choosing a vanity that perfectly fits our aesthetic includes choosing a more unique color palette. The unique color story of our space not only creates a more artistic ambiance, but in a lot of ways also represents who we are personality wise as people. Who doesn’t want to cleanse or pamper themself in a space that feels wholly individualistic and like an extension of themselves? This is the kind of thing that creates calm in our mind which is just the trick for making a bathroom space feel the way it should, like a retreat. Here are some unique vanity colors for unique vanity lovers that will help you create an ambiance so quintessentially you that you won’t have to journey any further than your own bathroom space to find a retreat from the day to day grind.


For creating a more natural ambiance in your bathroom space consider using vanities that are green. The Buntz Forest Green Bathroom Vanity has the perfect unique color story for any bathroom space with its beautiful forest green veneer finish and gold accent hardware. The vanity presents a beautiful elegance with the gold accent hardware that is further balanced and complemented by the luxurious green color that feels like being in nature. The fluted design of the cabinet doors adds a touch of the water element to the feel of the piece. If you’re seeking something more transitional, the Thurston Green Bathroom Vanity features caning on the doors and functionality in the form of drawers and tilt-out drawer panels. Who doesn’t love a well-rounded design with a color story that takes you through all the thrills and feels of nature while providing a touch of elegance to any bathroom space? Green color stories are great for achieving a tranquil but grounded vibe and they supply a richness to your space that is unparalleled.


If you’re aiming to achieve an ambience in your space that has elements of depth and mystery to it. Then, consider choosing black for the color of your vanity. Black conjures up feelings of depth, mystery, luxury, and sleekness with ease. The Bonheur Matte Black Vanity features a sleek matte black finish and gold accent hardware. The white engineered stone-top further accentuates the lavish feel. This piece is a perfect example of how a black color story can completely transform a room and take it from a solid three stars to an effortless five star experience. Another great example of a black vanity that showcases how luxurious they can make a space feel is the Jamie Black Bathroom Vanity. Paired with brass hardware and a clean yet simplistic design, the 36in Onyx Black and Brass Single Sink Bathroom Vanity showcases effortless style. When looking to create or to further accentuate a space with a luxurious ambiance that has a dash of depth and mystery, black is definitely the color story to consider.


The next color story sets the mood by creating a sense of calmness and serenity like that of lounging on a beach while listening to the tide roll in: none other than blue. The Leeland Harbor Blue Bathroom Vanity is one great example of how a blue vanity can create that feeling of calm within your bathroom space. Even the brushed nickel accent hardware adds to the calming effect of the piece. The great thing about a blue color story is that you can go as light as you want or as deep blue as you want and still achieve that calming effect. An example of a deeper blue option is the Ellia Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity. If you’re seeking to clear the chaos to make way for the calm, look no further than the stylish blue of the Calletano Navy Bathroom Vanity.

Unique color stories are a great way to be expressive in the designing of your space. When deciding on your next vanity be sure to consider what color story speaks to you and evokes the sort of emotion that will compliment how you want to feel when you step into your bathroom space. Whether it is the feeling of nature with its luscious greenery, the tranquil shores of the ocean with its undulating blue waves, or the desire for a sense of deep luxuriousness with black that you are trying to achieve. Considering what unique color you want for your space is a crucial step in ensuring that you achieve the perfect ambiance that you’re seeking.