Vanity Countertop Care and Maintenance


Vanities are essential and stylish furniture pieces that accompany the design of our bathroom spaces– often they’re even the centerpiece of the bathroom’s design. They are an investment of the design that should meet the aesthetics and functions that you need. Protecting your investment is crucial to ensure quality that lasts. Vanity countertop care and maintenance will keep your new vanity in great shape so you can enjoy your newly refinished bathroom for many years to come. Our engineered stone tops are easy to maintain with the right products and care.

Engineered stone is made of crushed stone that is bound together by an adhesive medium. Engineered stone tops reflect a more even coloration due to a lack of natural deviations like those that can be found in those made of earthen stone, but this can often be simulated in the design. Notably, the material is not resistant to stains, so pools of water, soaps, and other materials should be removed immediately to avoid staining.

Some engineered stone countertop care varies because of the stone used. For example, engineered quartz countertops can use cleaning products specifically designed for quartz. These products might be slightly more abrasive than mild soap and clothes, but the nature of the stone permits the products to be used. However, if you are unclear what type of engineered stone is used, it is best to stick with the mild cleaners recommended. Additionally, engineered quartz is considered nonporous, which means that it is less porous than its earthen stone cousin. Not only is engineered quartz easier to manage in a home where upkeep is concerned, but it is also a naturally antifungal and antibacterial surface, due to its nonporous quality. Engineered quartz being nonporous means that it is generally resistant to stains, however, it is still essential that spills are wiped up as soon as possible.

Engineered stone may be different from traditional stone, but don’t worry – we have all the countertop care information you need to keep your bathroom vanity in tip-top shape.



Additional Tips and Tricks for Countertop Care

Proper countertop care and maintenance for your vanity is a crucial step in maintaining the longevity of the piece. Countertop care and maintenance of your vanity are methods of cleaning will prevent stains, heat damage, and scratches. Being mindful of what to do and what not to do when providing regular upkeep for your vanity will make all the difference and ensure that the vanity retains all the elegance it possessed on the day it arrived.