Preparing for Your Vanity Installation


The process of picking out the perfect vanity for your bathroom space is so exciting with the choices of color story, style, and all the various storage options to boot. You’ve picked a vanity aesthetic, the perfect color to accompany the chosen vibe, the style that fits, considered the most suitable storage option for your space, and you’ve found the ideal vanity based on the perimeters established above. Next comes the daunting part, and maybe the part that feels the most overwhelming and makes you question the desire for a new vanity altogether. Have no fear; you’ve got this! The idea of installing a vanity yourself may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t stress; take a deep breath, and when you’re ready, let’s follow this vanity installation guide.

Pre-Install Steps

The first pre-install step with your vanity is to make sure to take the important measurements. You want to measure the area or space where the vanity is going to be installed first and foremost. The next thing you want to be sure and measure is the plumbing because it is an essential step that you will use to see what size vanity will fit your plumbing system. The last thing you want is to have your perfect vanity picked out and assembled only to find that your plumbing system is too big or too small to suit said vanity. So, be sure to make these two measurements in advance before purchasing your new vanity and for good measure make sure to measure your space and plumbing system not just once, but twice. It may seem redundant but it’s better to measure multiple times and be safe rather than sorry.

Choosing Your Faucet & Hardware

So, you’ve got all the measurements and verified that the measurements match the vanity that you have picked out. The next thing you will need to do is decide which faucet accent pieces will work best with your design. Of course, when you are picking out your faucet you’ll likely want to keep with a theme that compliments your vanity choice. Now you know you have the perfect whole package storage solution for your dream bathroom aesthetic.

This would also be a good time to remove your old vanity (if relevant) so when your new unit arrives the space will be cleared and ready to go for the actual install process. Some people opt to match their faucet to the included hardware, while others may opt for completely different hardware.

Installing Your Vanity

Your vanity has shipped and received with all its accent pieces in tow and now it’s time to get started with the real important business and install it. First, you’re going to want to line up your new vanity against the wall where it is set to be installed and trace the outline of it onto the wall. Next, use a stud finder to find the studs in your wall and mark them so you know where you need to make your holes. You may need to level the vanity and shim at the floor after finding your studs but every situation is going to be different with that step. The next step in your vanity installation action plan will be to measure, mark, and drill holes for the drain and supply pipe system. Followed closely behind by physically attaching your vanity to the wall. Yay! Look at you! The hardest part is now complete and you did a great job.

Adding the Accents

The ever important installation of the chosen accent pieces comes next, so go ahead and grab your chosen faucet. You will want to follow the unique set of instructions included with your faucet unit for this portion of the install process. Once you’re done installing your faucet system you’re going to very carefully secure the vanity top to the existing base portion. For some there may also be an optional rear backsplash panel to install also. Make sure to install that as well here if it’s something you have picked out for your design.

After you’ve completed these steps you’re going to notice that your design is coming together. Take a few minutes and stop to appreciate how beautiful your picture perfect vanity aesthetic turned out. What a dream come true! Just reconnect the water supply, sit back, and admire the yields of all your hard work because you’ve certainly earned it.

Hire a Professional When Needed

That being said, one last very important thing to note in vanity installation, is that sometimes it will be necessary or beneficial depending on the situation to hire a professional plumber to come and install it. This doesn’t speak to your lack of capabilities but rather that in unique circumstances there may be something that needs to be done to the plumbing and it’s better to be safe than sorry when dealing with anything involving plumbing. An expensive repair due to a unique circumstance is not something anyone wants to have to deal with. It is with this in mind that you should never be afraid to call in a professional if necessary. They will be more equipped to deal with plumbing issues that may arise and can rather easily make any adjustments that may be needed given their specific skill set.

Once the vanity installation is complete in its entirety the last bit is simple, admire and enjoy it.