Making it Easier: Closet Organizer Installation Guide and Tips


You finally found your custom dream closet and now comes the hard part of the process – the installation. But installing closets doesn’t have to be difficult. We provide step-by-step instructions in the manual, and in many cases we supplement these instructions with guided 3D interactive instructions through the BILT app, as well as the below for closet organizer installation guide tips.

Before You Get Started

Arguably the most important step begins before you make your purchase: measure your space! It is so important to make sure the closet organization system you have your heart set on will fit. Make sure to keep in mind the way you intend to use your closet pieces before installation. It is one thing for something to fit nicely in a nook or cranny but it is another to be able to easily pull out that favorite pair of shoes without nailing your elbow on the corner of the wall. Once you have planned out where you would like different closet pieces to go and have taken your measurements it is time to start the harder work.Before any installation starts you should prepare your space. Make sure you clear out the closet and get rid of the existing system if necessary. Patch all the existing holes and sand the surface smooth so you’ll be able to apply a fresh coat of paint. Now that the closet has been prepped and the paint has dried, it is time to start placing the compartments together and getting them on the wall.Locate any tools you may need. You should gather basic tools, such as a measuring tape, drill, screwdrivers, saw, level, step ladder, and a pencil. It is easier to complete this task with everything in easy grab and go range.

Let's Begin

Now to start the build. With most closet configurations you will want to build the closet towers first. The closet towers are usually fairly simple to put together and typically consist of locking the bolts and cams together. With the different closet organizer kits you usually have the option of placing the tower unit on the floor or attaching it to the wall. If you decide to place it on the floor you would need to cut the baseboards to fit so that it fits snuggly against the wall.

If you happen to have a closet design that is a walk-in with corner units it is suggested to measure these twice and only cut them once. They should be placed before the tower in order to make the assembly process easier.

To mount the unit on the wall you first need to mark the mounting locations. Some kits include a template for positioning the mounting cleats. Start with the bottom mounting cleat first and make sure it is bevel side up. While holding it, drill pilot holes into the stud and then secure it with screws. If you do not line up with the studs make sure to use wall anchors when installing.

Ample Storage for Your Hobby Needs

Following the tower installation you should attach the top shelves. Start by securing the brackets at the top of the tower unit first. This will make the process go a lot smoother. Then you should attach the brackets on the wall at the same height. Before placing the shelves measure for the length you will need them to be. If your shelf is too long you should wrap the cutline you made when measuring with painters tape before cutting. This will keep the wood from splintering when using a jigsaw to cut it. Then attach your shelves.After attaching the shelves you will move on to hanging the closet rods. First you should measure and mark the height at which you would like the rod to set. After this you need to place the open bracket to the tower. Once that is secure attach the closed bracket to the wall at the same height. If the pole is not adjustable and too long you should then measure and cut the rod to length using a hacksaw or pipe cutter. Then set it in place and lock it in with the screws.

Finally, you should move on to the installation of the drawers and doors depending on the closet organization system you chose. First attach the door face to the drawer bottoms by attaching screws to the face of the drawer from the inside of the drawer. Then you will attach the drawer handles. It is usually as simple as screwing the handles on with screws from the inside of the drawer also. Following this step, you would attach the drawer slides. These are an easy piece to attach to the sides of your drawers using your screws. Then you position the slides over the holes that would most likely be predrilled in the tower and attach them using screws keeping everything as level as possible. After this step is complete you simply slide the drawer into place. The doors are just as simple. You start by attaching the hinges to the tower using screws and then attaching the other side of the hinge to your door using your predrilled holes as the guide.

Finishing Touches

Once this step is all completed you are set to add all those small accessories. Add baskets for storage of things like scarves and belts or even cubbies for shoes. The rest is all up to preference of how you would like your closet space to flow.

If this all feels like just too much for you to tackle alone, remember there is always the option of hiring a professional contractor. The professionals will make the entire process easier and ensure the product is properly installed.

All that is left is to enjoy all that hard work whether it was done by you or the professionals. Watch all the stress fall away after the closet clutter disappears and time is saved.