Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Child’s Room Clean

Keeping your child’s room clean and organized is often one of the most daunting tasks. It seems most days they somehow acquire a handful of new clothes and toys that end up spread across the floor. Organization is key with your littles to help maintain a tidy space.

Divide and Conquer

One of the biggest ways to keep a bedroom feeling peaceful is having all the clutter up from the floor. Over a year’s time kids tend to acquire more toys than they even seem to know exist. The first step is to help them sort through them. Having three boxes labeled Trash, Donate, and Keep really helps to keep those precious minds focused. If pieces are missing or are broken that item belongs in the trash pile. If it is a toy that seems to be outgrown and no longer played with that goes in donate and of course the favorites that get pulled out everyday belong in the treasured keep box. This will help to declutter some of the space so you feel less overwhelmed making it all fit when the room is organized. This exact process is one to use for clothes also. If it is still worn that belongs in the keep but if it is no longer worn it belongs in the donate area.

Find a Home for Everything

After the space is decluttered, start planning on different storage options. For any toys that are to remain in the room, small storage units are great to keep the clutter tucked away. Some favorites are cube storage and the stackable bins. Both options allow items to be stored on the perfect level for those little hands to access. Another great option for keeping your child’s room clean is the loft bed. Loft beds help to give more space for storage underneath. Many different loft beds such as the Aster twin loft beds and the Beckett twin loft bed also have built-in storage shelves. The shelves are a great way to keep the toys up off the floor. Add cloth storage bins to help keep those small items such as legos and barbie accessories organized and easily accessible.
Taller loft beds allow the option to store a dresser underneath to maximize space in those smaller spaces. The best way to keep those dressers clean and tidy is by separating things out with storage baskets. This way when it is time for their clothes to be put away it is easy and quick for them to find exactly where things go. Another great way to keep the room organized is to keep the decor and accessories to a minimum. The more simple, open space the less likely the need to stack clutter in that area. A simple storage for accessories and a lamp really help to keep the space feeling clutter free.

Don’t Forget the Closets

Closet organization is a huge benefit when trying to maintain a clean room. Adding storage to hang on the back of the closet for all those pairs of shoes that are off season helps to contribute to the empty floor space. Added storage shelves in the closet are also a great spot to store those unsightly board games. A favorite space saver among many parents is sliding a small dresser in the closet. Additionally, there are many closet organizers that feature built-in drawers. This frees up a tremendous amount of space adding to that serene feeling of all things having a place.

Make it a Routine

A great technique to maintain the clean feeling is making sure the bed is made daily. For those with younger children a great tip is to keep a basket next to the bed for them to place the different things they sleep with at night in the morning. This way making the bed is an easier task to be completed daily. Another great thing to add to any child’s room is a small trash can. This will keep the pile of papers from coloring or crafts from gathering in the corners of the room.

These extra steps help to contribute to a smooth path into a tidy and organized room. There are few basic everyday or weekly steps that can make it much easier to maintain that tidy feel. Along with making the bed daily, another great tip is running the vacuum. This could even be done every other day. Another great thing to do weekly to help not only with a clean space but also to help cut back on those daily allergy triggers is dusting shelves and other surfaces. Alongside this, wiping down any glass surfaces with glass cleaner is also a great way to keep the area feeling peaceful.

All these different steps can help to make your child’s bedroom clean and organized. Helping them maintain it is much easier when you, yourself are not overwhelmed and have a specific space for all things to be put safely away. Simple tasks being completed daily like vacuuming and wiping down surfaces will keep the space feeling organized for months to come.