Outreach: Seng Girls’ Vocational Training School & Home


The Seng Girls are a collective group of bright, eager to learn girls from the Qinghai Province of China who attend the vocational school there and call it their home. The school was founded in 2006 as well as the Seng Girls Tibetan Opera Group in 2010 by a gentleman named Dockpo whose mission was to create an environment in the remote Tibetan region where girls could also be nurtured, educated, and enabled to thrive. Whalen has been a proud underwriter and sponsor for the Seng Girls since 2009. Since their partnership began Whalen, Seng Girls Vocational School, and Captivating International have been working diligently together to help impact these girls’ lives in a big way. They have had the profound pleasure of helping ensure the continued success, education, and realized dreams of some 300 plus underprivileged and impoverished girls in China.

The Qinghai Province of China was, and in some capacity still is, an area where it is commonplace for girls to be left abandoned, abused, or forced to live in the streets. The reason for this is because of deep rooted nomadic beliefs about the value of girls in contrast to boys. When coupled with the fact that Qinghai is one of the poorest areas in China it creates an environment for one’s future which is bleak particularly as it pertains to the young girls who are born there. The Seng Girls Vocational School & Home have been able to change the trajectory of this scope for the girls in the area by planting the seeds of knowledge and feeding their intellect through educational discourse. The school also creates a sense of emotional wellbeing within the girls by providing them with a safe and nurturing environment in which to live, learn, and thrive in.

The Start Of It All

Dockpo founded The Seng Girls Vocational School & Home in 2006. The story of how he became motivated to found such a school is quite fascinating. While Dockpo was living and thriving in Boston as a businessman, his father, whom he was quite close with, fell ill. To which Dockpo urgently responded by returning to China in order to be by his side. His father’s dying wish was for Dockpo to “do a good deed” to fulfill his life. He of course obliged this wish but first he had to consider the best way with which to do so. Dockpo thought about the remote areas that he knew of in Tibet and how so many of the girls there were orphaned or otherwise considered street children with no real place to call home. He would often refer to those girls as, “Gesang flowers pressed under a thick snow”. The Seng Girls Vocational School & Home is his father’s dying wish manifested into reality. The humble beginnings of the school, however, looked quite different and took the form of an orphanage.

Since the founding of the orphanage and subsequent Seng Girls Vocational School many girls have had the opportunity to go on to accomplish a wide variety of wonderful things with their lives. A few of the girls mentioned here have been helped and have benefited specifically from the organization’s partnership with Whalen. Those girls are Dezom, Thanzen, and Dandur Tso. Dezom’s dream was to go onto college and further her education, Thanzen’s dream was to see her schooling through with Seng Girls to completion, and Dandur Tso’s dream was to go to medical school. It is through Whalen’s sponsorship that these three girls among many others will have a real chance at turning those dreams no matter how large or small into a reality.

An Important Partnership

The partnership between Seng Girls and Whalen began in 2009. In that time, Whalen has not only been able to sponsor and help hundreds of girls find their places in the world by giving them access to essential knowledge, they have also assisted them and equipped them with the tools and resources needed so they can go on to become capable women who are able to thrive and live out their dreams. The girls have choices, opportunities, and resources they would not have otherwise had. The efforts of the organization match the values that Whalen Furniture holds dear, leading to a partnership that has lasted over a decade.

Whalen is immensely motivated and passionate about creating change within communities and one of the ways they enact this is by our outreach with The Seng Girls. In the last decade, Whalen has provided major underwriting support as well as scholarship and vocational support for hundreds of girls. The organization gives the girls the gift of fulfilling their dreams of an education, created invaluable opportunities and choices for them, and broadened the width of their horizons to a place far beyond what was thought possible. Due in large part to Whalen’s partnership with the Seng Girls, the school and home will be able to continue to empower and impact young girls’ lives in Qinghai for many years to come.