Get the Bathroom Storage Solutions You Need in a Vanity

Choosing what bathroom storage solution would best suit our lives and our spaces is a very important decision, and there are many factors to keep in mind when making that decision. For many, the need for easy accessibility will play an important role. Some will seek out things like design and uniqueness above all else. Then there are others who will be looking for a vanity that has as many different storage options available as possible. No matter what the storage solution you are looking for in your perfect vanity whether it be accessibility, design and uniqueness, or having a variety of storage options look no further we’ve got you covered.

For the Lover of Function

Let’s start out with the basics and discuss having as many storage drawer options as possible. Accessibility comes in many different forms when it comes to vanities. The 48in Dark Grey Single Sink Bathroom Vanity, for example, offers so many storage options in the form of drawers with four small drawers on each side of the sink space and one middle tilt out drawer just under the sink itself. Having two different styled drawer options is the perfect storage solution for the person who has a need for a lot of miscellaneous storage space. Every last towel, hair care bottle, facial cleanser, serum, moisturizer, or toiletry item in all the varying shapes and sizes will have their own designated place.

Speaking of functional storage solutions involving drawers, the Kennilton Brown Single Sink Vanity comes with drawers that have divider panels built into the piece providing a unique and specified way to organize your cleansing face towels. If accessibility and functionality is something that is on the top of your list then look no further. The storage possibilities are endless with drawers.

Benefits of careful sustainable package choices

There is a plethora of documented environmental benefits to a more sustainable package, including conserving trees, reducing waste, reducing our carbon footprint, and bringing awareness of the importance of fighting global warming.

Forever forests: Perhaps the most significant benefit of committing to FSC-certified sustainable packaging is conserving forests. Forests absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen so they help regulate carbon levels. Rising carbon levels are a major global warming contributor, called the greenhouse gas effect. Trees also help fight soil erosion and stabilize our environment by providing ecosystems where many species of animals and insects can thrive. In short, trees rock!

Cutting down on waste: Sustainable packaging also encourages using materials that can be broken down (biodegraded) and recycled, which reduces waste in our landfills and even our oceans, which are becoming more polluted with plastics and other trash. Sustainable packaging results in materials continually being repurposed or used. The result? Fewer materials go back into the environment.

Reducing our carbon footprint: Using recycled materials in packaging cuts down on the use of manufacturing resources that use energy to produce packages from new materials. Reducing the carbon footprint helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Building awareness: Yet another benefit of Whalen’s participation in a sustainable packaging program? Our customers have let us know they want more eco-friendly packaging, and we’re glad to embrace the sustainability movement. We also hope that more companies will join this push for more self-accountability and respect for our planet’s future.

Forest Stewardship Council: Protector of the forest

Everyone needs a hero, and forests all over the planet count on the Forest Stewardship Council to fight for their survival, to the benefit of us all. The FSC helps ensure forests are managed well and responsibly, and the critical standards the FSC demands for forest management helps preserve and replenish our cherished forests. These standards even include respecting indigenous communities within the forests and prohibiting hazardous chemical use. When companies like Whalen partner with the FSC, they agree to adhere to the guidelines the council sets forth.

“Just as we depend on forests, forests depend on us,” the Forest Stewardship Council states on its website. “We unite individuals, businesses, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) under a common goal: protecting healthy, resilient forests for all, forever.”

Whalen is pleased to partner with FSC and do our part to support conservation and healthy management of our planet’s forests. Slowing down global warming helps preserve our world for generations to come. Working together, we can make a profound difference in our collective journey toward a greener future.