Custom Closet Solutions for Any Space

The closet is always a tricky spot in the house to keep organized and under control. Lets face it, many of us have a hard time finding a space for all our different belongings. With the many different options in custom closet solutions offered it is an easy task to organize and customize any space. No matter your size or type of closet, there are plenty of storage options available for you.

The Hartford Closet collection offers the most versatility, as it can be completely customized to your space. It comes with both ventilated and solid tower and shelf options, which allow for the look and function you seek. The kits even come in different colors and additional components can be added to match your individual needs for each closet.

The closet pole in the Hartford 72 in closet kit allows you to extend it and lock it in at the length you desire which is a great feature when you may be working with a larger or smaller space. It extends from 36 inches to a maximum of 60 inches which makes it a great option for the storage of all those extra office wardrobe garments. You can also purchase additional poles to customize the closet design so you are prepared for shirts, pants, dresses, or any other garments you need to hang. The varying lengths and styles of shelf kits allow them to be used in small closets such as linen closets all the way up to the walk-in closet. The ability to cut the wood shelving in this piece also makes it a great option for those working with a tighter space. You can also add convertible shoe racks that can be tilted or flipped for leveled storage.

Hartford Closet Collection

With wire baskets, shoe grids, additional drawers, and more being custom options you have the ability to easily store and then locate exactly what you need. That means more time for the much needed relaxation and less time trying to find your favorite luxurious towel.

Camryn Closet Collection

When it seems you have just too many items in the closet the Camryn closet system can really help get you organized. No more digging through the closet when you can easily find clothes and accessories conveniently displayed for quick access. With different size wood closet kits there are options to fit every space. The Camryn system allows for many combinations in that walk-in closet space and gives you the ability to add drawers and shelves for extra areas to store your most prized possessions. The many different flat panel drawer kits are great for those special items that you want to keep in great condition and could fit any closet space. For those who collect all the designer bags this feature is a great addition to your closet. The extra panel kit helps keep the dust and dirt away from all those special investments.

Along with the panel kit the option for different wall brackets gives extra options for storage of things such as hats and belts in even the smallest closet. Shelf space really helps to allow more space for things such as storage bins or even hat and shoe boxes. Proper storage in even the tight spaces in your home really helps to preserve the life of your belongings and cut back on the hectic morning routines.

If you are needing something more interchangeable the Lana collection is a great option. The unit with glass doors adds a touch of sophistication to the closet stackers while also keeping dust away from your clothes. For a smaller closet space this unit would look fantastic even as a stand alone piece. These closet pieces could even be great for those who need closet storage for their favorite hobby. The many different drawer options and the glass doors allow things like craft supplies to be easily stored in your closet while leaving plenty of storage space for your remaining wardrobe pieces.

Lana Closet System
Nolan Closet Collection

The Scott Living Nolan closet system components have a very modern sleek feel and would be a great addition to any closet space. With a few different style pieces you can truly decide which components best fit your space. The two poles and shelf option would be great for any business man or woman to store all their office attire. With a shelf placed in between the two poles you have the perfect place for belt and small accessory storage. The closet shelf unit would be a great addition to any space that would need extra storage for things such as handbags and your favorite pair of boots. The 3-drawer unit could be added to the other in a larger closet but would also be a perfect stand alone piece allowing for storage of all those heavy pieces of clothing like sweaters and jeans.

Whatever the closest situation may be there are many different ways to combine these storage components to create the space that is perfect for you.